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Awakening the Chakras

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Talking or writing about the Chakras can take up a lot of time, energy and could fill many books. There is a ton of material on the topic. And rightly so, as the Chakras are extremely important to our overall health.

I felt that it was important to review the why and how to unblock your own Chakras because of the negative effects of unhealthy Chakras. In both Reiki training and other such vibrational healing modalities, an overview of the workings of the Chakras is a must.

The Physical body appears solid, you can touch it and feel it. But every cell within the body is vibrating at a low enough frequency to allow it to appear in the physical world. The remainder of our being vibrates at a much higher frequency and surrounds the physical body. This is called the Aura. The aura is made up of electromagnetic energy, and each person’s Aura has a unique vibrational energy signature or frequency that is as unique as our fingerprints and/or our DNA. As part of our body, we have these energy centers named Chakras. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “disk”. Very intuitive people describe these Chakras as funnel shaped energy points, looking very much like a small tornado. These energy centers are located within our spine and control different organs and related emotions.

What is the relationship between Reiki and the energies of our physical bodies? Reiki is an energy that vibrates at a very high level, and it works in energizing the bodies and inherently the Chakras of both the Reiki practitioner and the recipient while a practitioner sends a recipient Reiki.

There are 7 main Chakras within a person’s body, with an additional 3 over our heads and 3 more under our feet. There are also a large number of very small Chakras that vibrate within the palms of our hands, along our arms, legs and under our feet.

I, myself cannot see the Chakras but can feel their energy within my fingers and hands, when I work Reiki with someone. It feels like a small wobble against my hands. Some Reiki practitioners are lucky enough to see the funnels and the colors associated with the Chakras.

When a Chakra is well balanced and healthy, its connected body part and emotions will also function in a healthy fashion. The opposite is quite true when illness has set into the Chakras, which might eventually translate into the physical body reflecting ill health.

Reiki practitioners are trained to detect these imbalances and with Reiki energy at their fingertips, can help improve a sluggish Chakra.

In my experience, even if you are not a Reiki practitioner, you can yourself help regain more function and hopefully a healthier Chakra with the following exercise.

In a standing position, find the first Chakra, place your dominant hand at that location, think of the Chakra’s associated color (I have found it easier to have at hand some coloring pencils and I hold up the one with the color that I need to think about) and repeat the mantra related to the Chakras’ strength as follows:

1. Chakra 1 – the Base Chakra, situated at the base of the spine. It’s color is RED. Mantra to repeat 3 times - I AM CONNECTED WITH THE ENERGY OF MOTHER EARTH.

2. Chakra 2 – the Sacral Chakra, located approximately 2 inches under the belly button. It’s color is ORANGE. Mantra to repeat 3 times – I LOVE ALL DIMENSIONS OF MYSELF.

3. Chakra 3 – the Solar Plexis Chakra, situated roughly 2 inches above the belly button. It’s color is YELLOW. Mantra to repeat 3 times – MY WILL AND THE DIVINE WILL ARE ONE.

4. Chakra 4 – the Heart Chakra resides in the middle of the chest, very near to where your actual heart is situated. Its color is GREEN. Mantra to repeat 3 times – MY HEART IS OPEN TO RECEIVE THE ENERGY OF LOVE.

5. Chakra 5 – The Throat Chakra, is located in the actual throat area, and it’s color is TURQUOISE BLUE. Mantra to repeat 3 times - I AM ALIGNED WITH THE HIGHEST TRUTH.

6. Chakra 6 – The 3rd Eye Chaka is situated in the middle of the brow, and its color is DEEP BLUE. Mantra to repeat 3 times – MY MIND IS OPEN TO NEW VISIONS.

7. Chakra 7 – The last body Chakra is the Crown Chakra, and is situated at the top of the head, and its color is DEEP VIOLET. Mantra to repeat 3 times – I AM CONNECTED TO THE DIVINE SOURCE OF THE UNIVERSE.

Now bring both hands together and thank your Guardian Angel as well as your guides for helping you today.

Reiki Blessings to you!


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