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Healing with Essential Oils

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

One of the world’s most renown doctors affiliated with floral remedies is Dr. E. Bach. Health care practitioners all over the world today, owe Dr. Bach a huge debt of gratitude. I personally am indebted to his discoveries as this is the only way I can live through spring and autumn seasonal allergies!

Dr. Bach was a homeopathic doctor practicing in England, early in the 20th century. It was Dr. Bach’s search for a cure for the imbalances in the human body that he thought were at the root of many diseases.

After many experiments, Dr. Bach discovered that flowers, but most particularly their essence could influence and assist in realigning the patterns of dysfunction in a person’s body. By experimenting on himself, Dr. Bach would record how each floral essence made him feel. Dr. Bach was extremely sensitive and suffered greatly while living in the city of London. Moving to the countryside probably added some years to his life.

While taking long walks, Dr. Bach would touch the morning dew from a flower and feel his subtle energies shift. Working from one flower to the next took time while he took careful notes of how he felt after each experiment. He eventually found 38 different floral medicines, and he found that by combining some together, he could improve the effects of each of the combos.

In wanting to “distill” the essence of the flowers, Dr. Bach found that when immersing the flowers in a bowl of water and left to sit in the sunlight, he could obtain very powerful tinctures. The subtle effects of the sunlight were great in charging the water with the vibrational imprints of the flowers.

Like other homeopathic remedies, floral remedies contain extremely small amounts of the physical substances that are used to treat a wide variety of disorders.

During Dr. Bach’s time, his floral tinctures were mostly used to treat emotional imbalances; other practitioners have since found other floral essences that work well on physical imbalances.

Following Bach’s death in 1936, the Edward Bach Healing Centre continued to prepare flower essences in the unique style discovered by Dr. Bach.

Later in the 1970’s, Richard Katz established a society named Flower Essence Society (FES). The society was pivotal in encouraging therapists and others interested in this method of healing to exchange information and ideas on the use of the essences. Katz discovered an additional large amount of flower essences through intuitive guidance!

As a matter of fact, much of the information regarding flower essence knowledge has come through intuitive or channeled guidance.

Flower essences appear to have a large impact on the chakra and the body’s subtle energy system. But I do think they work directly on the physical body.

I personally utilize essentials oils (as these are now called today) on my body, for a wide variety of reasons. As I mentioned in my first paragraph, without these oils I would be miserable. I suffer from season allergies, in addition allergies to a wide variety of items: dust, mold, dog dander as well as cats.

For many years I used to take a daily dose of anti-histamine as well as nose sprays. But a decade of these eventually took its tole on my body and I started feeling worst after the daily treatments as well as excessive fatigue in my legs. I dropped the anti-histamines and started to feel less unwell.

One day, while attending an outdoor Farmer’s Market, to showcase Reiki, I started quite ill. My little tent was on top of freshly cut grass!! Within 20 minutes, I thought I was going to die. My husband had left the propriety to go home, and I was stuck with the worst pains in my head. As I sat there, with my head in my hands, my neighbor called out to me, Are you OK Suzanne? I responded no, I think I will pass out from the pain in my head. I have terrible allergies and being in this field of cut grass is killing me. A few seconds later, I heard someone yell out “Reiki Lady, just hold on, I am on my way!”

Huh…a few seconds later, this harried young woman comes over, and instructs me to hold out my hands and she put a few drops of thick liquid in my palms, then told me to slowly inhale the vapors, to dip my fingers in the liquid and rub a bit on my eyebrows, and cheekbones. Within 3-5 seconds, the pain disappeared. The young woman was selling Essential Oils and had a potion for seasonal allergies at the ready! She left the tiny bottle with me. I needed a new infusion about 3 hours later but felt much better.

I bought that particular potion from this woman and have been using Essential Oils ever since. I have experimented in using different infusions for flying and ear pain, nausea, panic attacks, sinus headache. You name it. Not necessarily, all on me, but on family, co-workers and friends. I have a small dispensary of oils now, and love to experiment with them.

Powerful medicine with very limited side effects! I now carry small amounts of Oils with me everywhere I go. I am prepared!!

Many thanks, Dr. Bach!!

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