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Sedona and its mysteries

I recently returned from a 10-day trip to Sedona AZ. I was quite excited to see and experience all that this truly wonderful place would offer. Well at least from all the information that I had read to date.

Sometimes, I have been quite disappointed once I have arrived somewhere to discover that it was not what was offered or advertised.

Sedona did not disappoint. The first thing that amazed me was the views of the unusual formations and colors dotting the landscape all over.

You might wonder, Suzanne, you normally blog about spirituality and energy?? You sound like a travel blogger! Sedona is much more than a travel destination, as far as I am concerned, so please bear with me.

There is so much offered in Sedona – a smorgasbord of experiences, activities, and sights to see. I was not disappointed. My disappointment came on the day that we had to pack and make our way back home to Canada.

So what has made Sedona so special for me? Well, let me preface my trip to Sedona by talking about what is very special in that area of the world. There are 4 energy vortexes in the area: one at Airport Mesa, one at Cathedral Rock, one at Bell Rock, and lastly one at Boynton Canyon.

What exactly is a vortex? If we could actually see it, it might appear as a swirling of energy that is stronger than normal energy. I have not read anywhere if there is equipment that can currently distinguish an area of energy like a vortex. So, the common belief is that vortexes exist at intersections of Ley lines or within the earth’s electromagnetic field.

I'm not too sure which is which but one thing that is common to all energy vortexes is that it appears to have a connection to something that's more than just energy from the planet. At least this is my theory. Also, if a structure made from limestone (example the Pyramids of Egypt) is built close or even on top of a vortex, the energy is intensified. I have just read this, but cannot confirm it myself.

Humans respond to energy but not everyone can actually feel the energy directly, or can perceive it from being outside of their own body. For example, my exposure to energy as a Reiki master has made me very sensitive to energy of others. Human or animals, and even of trees and plants.

The vortex that I was exposed to when I visited Sedona was intense and this was quite surprising to me. My granddaughter didn't feel much nor did others at the site.

My experiences at Cathedral Rock were deeply moving, unexpected and rewarding. I felt like I do when I receive Reiki from many different Masters simultaneously, as can happen at Reiki Shares.

My first experience at Cathedral Rock was very intense. I was shaking like a leaf. I was so glad that I was seated as I don't think I could have stood up very long. After a few minutes of this waterfall of feelings, emotions and heat within my body, I started to tear up. Tears ran down my cheeks. I did not burst into tears, you know like ugly crying. But I had the waterworks for a few minutes at the end of this experience.

My reaction very deeply affected me. I visited the Cathedral a second time to ascertain and validate how I would feel with the second experience. It was as powerful as my first time.

I don't think these experiences are just a cosmic accident happening to me. I realized (during my second visit) that a lady seated 4-5 feet away from me must have also been a Reiki master. She had her hands were up as when either sending or receiving Reiki. And this lady was also crying. So I thought - OK I am not the only one here that is being deeply affected. I turned to look at my granddaughter and asked if she felt anything. She nodded no, nothing.

As I am writing this is, I seem to recall having a very similar experience when I received the Holy Fire placement a few years ago. A maelstrom of many different wonderful feelings, seeing a swirl of colours. And then the feeling of being in the presence of the Divine while I was seated in the Cathedral Rock.

I went back a second time because I wondered if I would receive the same experience as I did the first time. I am happy to report, the experience was the same.

Once I got home to Canada, I realized that something had healed within me. I had been experiencing a few very deep seated negative thoughts for a few months before my trip. I did not have those negative emotions any longer.

My experience with the vortexes in Sedona has made me a huge fan of visiting the area again. I would really like to fully immerse myself in an experiment of comparing the energies of each of the four vortexes of the area and see if they were different.

I did get the opportunity to spend about an hour at the Sedona Airport but the energy felt at that location was not of the same intensity as at the Cathedral. I might not have been close enough to the vortex itself like I did at Cathedral Rock to fully appreciate it.

On my next trip, I will most definitely plan to visit all four vortexes and compare the energies to each other.

Some report paranormal activity in the vicinity of the energy vortex. Negative energy vortexes are said to have negative feelings associated with them. Visitors to these areas report feeling tired, drained of inspiration, suffering headaches, ill health and depression or feelings of anxiety. The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea are considered dangerous places where negative energy vortices are active and are feared by many people. (Wikipedia information)

Energy or Ley Lines have been thought to exist since ancient times and places where they meet at a 90 degree angle have long been believed to be places of spiritual significance. It is believed that ancient cultures built sacred sites on these energy lines to connect them to the earth's energy at these special points. They were believed to hold positive energy that could influence the well-being of communities. This idea is not, generally, accepted by the scientific community. (Wikipedia information)

Where are some of the most popular spiritual places located on the planet? Sites include mountains, deserts, volcanoes, waterfalls, some man-made structures and rock formations. (Wikipedia information)

The Great Pyramids in Egypt are probably one of the most well known sites considered to be situated on an energy vortex. Visitors to the structure have reported powerful spiritual awakenings. These structures were built using the mathematical constant of pi and have certainly fascinated people for centuries. (Wikipedia information)

All of these places have been revered for thousands of years and ancient civilizations often built their megalithic sacred monuments in areas they considered “Earth’s Highest Energy Vortexes” or “Earth Chakras”. Structures like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt and Mayan, Aztec, and Incan monuments along with many temples, churches and pilgrimage sites are found in all of these powerful energetic spots. The idea of the “vortex” actually appears in all ancient civilizations. (Wikipedia information)

In fact, vortex literally means swirling spiral energy.

The energy in Sedona might be the highest frequency location in the Western Hemisphere, according to Bashar. It is one of the strongest gateways and doorways of interdimensional connection that assists in balancing the energy grid of the entire planet. It is the 33rd parallel vibrating at thirty-three cycles per second.” The above information was taken directly from a website devoted to Earth’s Chakras and Vortexes - The author currently lives in Sedona. I might take part in one of her activities next time I visit Sedona.

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