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Tangible Effects of Reiki

Updated: Oct 16

In my earliest days of practicing Reiki, I sometimes wondered – is this really working? I could feel the energy in my hands, and many times they would start to burn and get red. But is the person that I am laying on hands getting tangible results?

I have not ever done Reiki to anyone with a visible wound that I could see the healing, with my own eyes. So healing was not evident. At least to me. That is until I read some parts of Dr. Richard Gerber’s book on Vibrational Medicine, Third Edition, Copyright 2001. This large tome includes almost every aspect of natural healing including “laying-on-of-hands…which I have deduced to also include Reiki.

In the 1960’s, Dr. Bernard Grad from McGill University in Montreal Canada, decided to analyze the effects of laying-on-of-hands healing in a scientific manner. It has often been thought that metaphysical healing was more about the power of believing, or a type of placebo effect held by the patient’s faith in the healer.

In these experiments, he did not want to use humans. He decided that animals would not hold any beliefs about healing…and in this case, he chose mice as his subjects.

Dr. Grad decided to create an illness in the mice and divide the mice into several groups: healer treated, non-healer treated and non-treated mice. He induced all the mice in the study (30 mice) with a goiter condition of the thyroid gland. His experiment was conducted for 40 days.

The mice were examined at the end of these 40 days, and the result was that the healer-treated mice had much less significant goiter condition than the other 2 groups. So laying-on-of-the-hands might have caused healing to occur resulting in less illness within this group of mice.

Dr. Grad was surprised at the findings in his experiment but decided that he wanted to actually see the effectiveness of the healer by conducting yet another experiment. Creating a wound that could be looked at, and measured.

In this next experiment, Dr. Grad chose 48 mice, separated into 3 groups again, but this time and he surgically create wound on each mouse’s back. Each one had an identical injury.

Group 1 mice were the control group for which no treatment was done at all.

Group 2 mice were placed in a wire cage so that no human hands could actually touch them and would be exposed twice a day to heat and humidity mimicking human hands.

Group 3 mice were also placed in a wire cage so that no human hands could touch them but would be exposed to the healer’s hands conducting healing on the cage, twice a day.

The experiment lasted 30 days, after which time, the mice were examined, and the wounds measured.

The result showed that the wounds on the mice in the healer-treated group were either complete or close to completed healing. The mice in the other 2 groups also showed levels of healing but not as significant as the healer-treated mice.

These two experiments were redone decades later with larger groups of mice, under stricter conditions with the same results. Healer treated mice showed more significant healing than other groups.

Bottom line, hands-on-healing modalities including Reiki do emit a healing energy that affects healing rates positively. Healer efforts always result in greater and better health conditions in humans, animals, plants and seeds.


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