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The Practice of Mindfulness

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What is this new craze all about with Mindfulness? I get magazines about the topic and read them, but at the end of the day, I ask myself how I can best describe this huge practice into a 2- page blog post to enlighten my readers. And perhaps enlightened my own self more than what I think this is about.

So, bear with me, as I deep dive as best as I can on this interesting practice, that appears to have taken over the world!

The daily practice of meditation, done over a period of years can result in the gradual uplifting of the bodies energies, which can open the Chakras.

Energizing the Chakras in this fashion can minimize the stresses of the body that eventually can cause illness.

Meditation helps to build a bridge of between learning and communicating that connects the physical body to the higher self. In other words, meditation results in the development of the Self Conscious.

For instance, the repetition of various sounds can have a very strong effect on the body by clearing the mind, and causing the EGO to stand down for a while. When repeated over time, meditation may cause very small changes to the nervous system. These small changes can have a dramatic effect on the overall body, with less illnesses.

I love to meditate with crystals as I feel that these greatly amplify the experience. The crystals may be held in each hand, or placed on different parts of the body, when laying down.

Asthmatics that have been treated with sessions of meditation have succeeded in feeling better, with less shortness of breath and better control over their breathing. Great reason to start practicing meditation just for this reason!

A powerful by-product of meditating is easier access to the Higher Self. The ability to allow messages to come directly from our Higher Self can fully enrich our lives as well as guiding us slowly but surely to living our lives at its best.

Sorry for boring you with a Meditation talk, but I wanted to help us get into Mindfulness!

Meditating is so difficult. What are we supposed to think while in meditation?

I cannot sit in in a yogi pose for more than a few moments. I cannot keep my eyes glued to a light candle for more than 1 minute, as the image of the flame gets imbedded in my brain!

Over time, I have learned that to meditate, is to allow my brain to relax and to think of nothing…Who can do that today? For me I have learned to calm my mind with the practice of Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness? For me, it is like meditating…you think of nothing…It appears to be the new craze these days. I did not realize I was putting this into practice until I started to read about it, and I am now much more of a devotee.

Perhaps a mindfulness expert might tell me that I have it all wrong, but it works for me, to help slow down.

I have hated washing dishes by hand for years. I used to hide in the bathroom after a large dinner otherwise, I would be washing dishes for hours, or so it seemed like it. Arg…

About 2 years ago, during a cold snap, my hands were hurting from the cold. I had a few large dishes to wash, so I did the hateful task, and had to take my time, as these large pots and pans were very dirty.

I had my cold achy hands in warm sudsy water, sloshing water and the rag over and in the pots, and was doing it slowly but very methodically. I felt myself grow calmer, instead of getting antsy telling myself that I hated doing dishes, I kept washing the pots and pans. I then realized that doing simple tasks like this slowly but surely helps my mind to calm down, as I think of nothing except keeping my attention on the simple task of washing a floor, or windows and now dishes. Or even dusting furniture…

I was practicing mindfulness. At least my idea of it. I now do the same when I walk outside. I watch the sky, I look at the birds, and I walk with no purpose except to relax and enjoy the calm that comes from the repetition of walking or in the fist case, washing dishes.

This small but powerful activity has helped me to start to meditate. I cannot meditate laying down or sitting in an uncomfortable position, but I can calm my mind, and meditate while doing something repetitive.

For me, meditation is not thinking about my long list of things to do, or what I am going to say to whom. But it is allowing nothing but calmness to rule my active mind, listening to the music of Mother Nature as birds sing, the wind blows, rain falls. I observe barn cats playing in the sun. I watch the sway of the corn stalks in the field. These wonderful simple opportunities to calm my mind for even a few moments is all around me.

I take advantage of these simple moments to keep calm every day. Walking in the house, back and forth, while I hum old tunes to myself helps me calm my mind. I do this often when I realize that I am getting anxious while sitting for long periods during the day working at my computer.

I am sure the hubby must often wonder if I am losing my mind, but these small activities help keep me in the present and enjoy life now, rather than later!

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