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Who is Suzanne Croteau - McLaren?

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I thought it might be helpful to my future students and clients to know a bit more about who they are dealing with when coming to visit Pinegrove Reiki.

I am from Northern Ontario, and have had the great pleasure of living in diverse areas of Canada and the United States.

I studied business and received a CGA accounting designation in late 1987. The years in both Alberta and Texas were dedicated to practicing oil and gas accounting, auditing and travelling to many exciting places in the world.

Finally in 2008, I decided to repatriate near family in Ottawa. But soon after coming back, I met and married a gentleman who lives on a farm near Lanark. Country life...wow, this sure is different than the hustle and bustle of Ottawa or Houston traffic. I can actually see the sky illuminated with the different stars and planets at night.

I had always had a longing for something my whole life...I was never sure what it was, but realized that even after such a great and exciting life, there was still something missing. Yikes...am I never satisfied? On the advice of an old friend I took up some meditation (works well for me when I am walking), and keeping a journal. It is not done daily, but enough that I realized that I was missing something integral that should be part of my life. Helping others...but how? I am now too old to go to school and become a doctor. A friend suggested that I get some Reiki and see what a few sessions would uncover. Well, needless to say that the sessions allowed me to realize that I could help others and meet the needs of my "soul" through Reiki.

To date (2021), I have achieved the acquirement of 2 Master/Teacher Reiki Certifications in both Usui Ryoto and Holy Fire 111 Karuna Reiki.

And I am now a practicing Reiki Master - I study Reiki, and allow myself the time to integrate the lessons of being a Reiki Master. I love to teach and give Reiki sessions to others. I am now finally able to use my intuitive abilities to help others.

And best of all, I am now satisfied and very happy with my life!!


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