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Working with Crystals

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Crystal therapy is an ancient art, usually referred to as the laying-on of stones. It is an alternative medicine technique, and those that practice it believe that crystals and stones can cure ailments and other diseases.

I was exposed to working with crystals several years ago when taking the Usui Reiki Master class. I have kept several Reiki Grids going for all these years now and I have found them to be quite powerful. I have setup and kept a few grids powered up with Reiki energy for the following: healing (long time back pain for 2 individuals), and soothing potential dangerous situations (while moving a large number of cattle over 12 weeks).

But you don’t need to be a Reiki Master to get benefits from Crystals. Hopefully the following might help you to use Crystals. There is a lot of material on the Internet regarding Crystals, and many books on the topic. It is fascinating on how so many have a large interest in this topic.

Crystal healing has been used by the ancient world in the belief that the crystals can balance the chakras and transform the energies of the human body, by clearing out the negative energies. Some cultures that believe in the in the life-energy of chi or qi then to use Crystals a lot more than others.

Healing with Crystals is a natural form of medicine that receives its powers through different stones, which have various properties. During a healing session, the healer will place stones in different areas of the person’s body.

Alternatively, the healer may suggest that the person wear certain stones to absorb positive energy, which can translate into better health.

Each different type of Crystal has different properties that affect either the emotional or physical parts of the body. Using these particular crystals can help restore balance and stability to the body's energy system, allowing natural healing processes to take place.

While this is a traditional homeopathic practice, many modern doctors and scientists do not support crystal healing. Most probably because there are no peer reviewed articles proving its capabilities. Most often, clients experience positive feelings when undergoing crystal therapy.

In my opinion, it is okay to try out crystal healing, but if you or someone you know is suffering from a serious illness, you should consider visiting a doctor.

There are several different approaches to promote healing in the body with crystals.

- Placing these on specific parts of the body so that healing and positive energy will flow to that part of the body,

- Using the Chakra system as points on the body in which to lay the crystals, to stabilize the chakra systems

- Placing a specific type of crystal directly on the part of the body that is suffering from a certain ailment, as it is believed that some crystals work better than others on different parts of the body

The following is a list of some of the more highly known and popular crystals and what they could be used for:

Amethyst is a form of quartz crystal that is also said to be good for helping people connect to their spirituality as well as improve psychic ability. This stone is also known for the life-force of a human, and can be used extensively in healing.

The gem has a wide variety of violet hues owing to traces of manganese and other elements within its structure. This stone has been prized by royalty in the past, considering it to be a regal stone.

The Amethyst Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

Rose Quartz is also known as the ‘love crystal’. This stone is commonly used for attracting and keeping love, as well as protecting relationships. The Rose Quartz can also help to heal your heart from disappointment and pain.

The Rose Quartz Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Libra and Taurus.

Iron Pyrite can be used to deter any negative energy or any physical danger that you may be faced with. This can also help activate your intellect and memory even more.

The Iron Pyrite Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Leo.

Tiger Eye crystal can be used for maintaining and growing wealth. The Tiger Eye is also known to help create understanding and awareness, it can also be a great stone to use when you are feeling stressed, to keep you calm.

The Tiger Eye Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Capricorn.

Hematite is often used to ground and balance you in your life. It can be the perfect stone to have if you are under stress and need to feel calm and centered. This crystal can also help to clear away any negative feelings which occur from stress or anxiety.

The Hematite Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Aries and Aquarius.

Emerald can help with love. This crystal is often called the stone for ‘successful love’. This crystal can promote focus, clear negativity, and encourage loyalty and sensitivity.

The Raw Emerald Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, and Aries.

Citrine crystal is often used because of its warm, optimistic energy it can give off, and also it has the added benefit of not having to be cleansed or recharged. This crystal also helps to fend off any negative energy that comes your way.

The Citrine Crystal can be especially great for people with the following zodiac signs: Gemini, Aries, Libra, and Leo.

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